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 ~~ T I P S ~~ Everything About Oasis

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~~ T I P S ~~ Everything About Oasis Empty
PostSubject: ~~ T I P S ~~ Everything About Oasis   ~~ T I P S ~~ Everything About Oasis EmptySun 7 Feb - 7:09:27

WHY Oasis

Oasis is a TILE in the Map that give an out produce to certain resource(s).
An Oasis may look like a mountain, a forest, a grain farm, or mixture.
The boost is either 25% or 50%, and it shows when you click on the Oasis Tile.
This boost is WORTH quite extraordinary if you capture them in early stage
of the game, usually within 1 month of playing.

However, capturing it, is not easy if you have small amount of troops. Below
you will find a chart to figure the defenders strength.

A player may at his option to conquer a nearby oasis. Word NEARBY means,
you could only take any oasis within your 7x7 tiles. This tiles is shown when
you click MAP; and the lighter color tiles with your village in the center are the
7x7 tiles.

TYPE of Oasis

Grain +25% , Grain +50% , Wood +25% , Stone +25% , Iron +25% ,
Wood/Grain +25% , Stone/Grain +25% , and Iron/Grain +25%


Career Center Level upgrades will determine ther number of Oasis a village
may have:

Level 10 --> 1 Oasis
Level 15 --> 2 Oasis
Level 20 --> 3 Oasis

To capture an oasis you must annihilate ALL defenders. Usually you may need
2 attacks or more. When you are successful to kill the guardian, use your hero
from the CITY you want to link the oasis from to set the last attack. As long as
your hero survive, the oasis will be instantly captured. You cannot use hero from
different city to capture the oasis.

When an Oasis is owned by a player every successful attack with a hero will drop
the loyalty of Oasis by 35%. And to claim it you have to reduce it to 0%. Remember

TIPS and FACTs of Oasis

As the time progress, population of Defenders of an oasis will GROW. It is a
random grow, but could be growing in to massive defenders over long period of

Enemy player could RAID your Oasis and gain some percentage of your related
village income. Percentage of the plunder will go down if a raid happens in a
very short time.

LIST of OASIS Defenders:

Hound 10 25 10
Falcon 20 35 40
Underling 60 40 60
Bandit 50 70 33
Follower 80 66 50
Ringleader 100 80 70
Armed Rogue 250 140 200
Yellow Turban 200 170 250
Swordman 450 380 240
Mounted Rogue 600 440 520

Please anything that is lacking or erroneous. Thanks Very Happy


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~~ T I P S ~~ Everything About Oasis Empty
PostSubject: wew   ~~ T I P S ~~ Everything About Oasis EmptySun 7 Feb - 21:31:38

nice thread n list for defender its what we need to reduce cost
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~~ T I P S ~~ Everything About Oasis
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