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 ~~ T I P S ~~ Everything about SCOUT with PIC

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~~ T I P S ~~ Everything about SCOUT with PIC Empty
PostSubject: ~~ T I P S ~~ Everything about SCOUT with PIC   ~~ T I P S ~~ Everything about SCOUT with PIC EmptySat 6 Feb - 13:14:05

TIPs on SCOUT and SCOUTING alien

SCOUT is a horse rider that has only 1 function: to do spying on a target village. Starting ATK is 0, and
DEF is very minimal, and can CARRY 0 resource. However, it is a fast Cavalry unit.

To produce SCOUT you need to: (1) build a Scout Camp (2) Research: Scout.

Value of Scout Unit

This unique unit can scout any village without a problem even if the village is guarded by 10,000 swordsman,
1000 Archers, and 1000 Qing Calvary, and 2 Heroes because none of those unit could detect the arrival of
the scout. The only unit could detect the arrival of scouts is also the defender scouts that are presence in the

Scout unit, when they return safely home, will give you a Scout Report, similar to a Battle Report. This will
tell the number of defending troops. If you send 20 scouts, and only 1 survived, he still brings the Report.
However, if you sent 20, and all of them were killed, you would only see that your 20 scouts died in battle
report with no information of defending army.

Therefore in later stage of the game, it is important to have defending SCOUT units in our city. Scout unit
defense is influenced by: wall lvl defense + court title bonus + Scout lvl upgrade (armorsmith for DEF,
weaponsmith for ATK). And usually defending scout(s) has more advantages because of the bonuses from
the wall and court title.

One TRICK: once, I was about ready to head out using 3500 hvy Cav and 5000 swordsman to attack a
village of 600 some POP, and I sent out 25 scouts to learn my enemy's defense troops... all scouts died.
So I postponed the attack, while these troops are eating 19000 food/hr. So I built 50 new scouts and sent
them there. All died. So I cancel moving toward that city, and swith target. Later on, his league surrendered
and merged with us. And then he told me, he did not have any single troops there, only 200 scouts.
hahahaha!!! He saved his city by Scouts. So, use your strategy wisely.

No No No --> 3 NO

(1) Do NOT send your SCOUT together with Plundering or Attacking troops. They wont do anything but suffer.
(2) Do NOT let your Scout join in defense if you believe real huge attack is coming. They wont do much. So
move them away to your other city (if you have), or to an ally city as SUPPORT.
(3) Do NOT prioritize upgrading Scouts ATK in weaponary. Unless you have too much resources.

HOW to Scout

It is the same like you send a troops for an Attack or a Plunder. In deployment page, instead select Scout, then
enter the number of scout you would like to send. Scouting does not allow any other type of troops.

Below is a sample of a Scout Report:
~~ T I P S ~~ Everything about SCOUT with PIC Scout10

Have fun using Scout. Please add if you have other tips or information Smile


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~~ T I P S ~~ Everything about SCOUT with PIC Empty
PostSubject: Re: ~~ T I P S ~~ Everything about SCOUT with PIC   ~~ T I P S ~~ Everything about SCOUT with PIC EmptySat 6 Feb - 19:48:54

You hit the spot with that one!

Also, since Scouts are some of the fastest units (definitely faster than your army), just one Scout Report may not be enough. If you're up against an active player, one Scout Report may not be enough for your army that arrives 30 minutes later. Anything could happen - what if the enemy's army returns between that fateful half-hour?

If you know your opponent is active and potentially deadly, it is advisable to send multiple Scout waves in interval times just to make sure your army doesn't suddenly find itself screwed. This is vital when it comes to upper-tier combat!
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~~ T I P S ~~ Everything about SCOUT with PIC
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