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 ~~ T I P s ~~ Epic Heroes

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~~ T I P s ~~ Epic Heroes Empty
PostSubject: ~~ T I P s ~~ Epic Heroes   ~~ T I P s ~~ Epic Heroes EmptyMon 19 Apr - 6:27:34

What are they?

They are simply heroes with some extra benefit like

1. They learn more skills points when leveling up. (20% more skill points)
2. Will learn a new skills at lvl 50 ( Middle hero slot will only be unlocked in epics)

How to obtain?[u]

1. Permanent epic heroes can be purchase with 20gold when they appear in career center. Searching may require you to spend 50gold for advance search.
2. Temporary epic heroes can be obtained with fighting escort guardian or souls found in bronze chest or packages. Temopory heros come in 6hr, 12hr and 1 month and they are always lvl 100.

Reviving a epic hero cost 20gold. which means owning a epic could be very costly latter in the game.
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~~ T I P s ~~ Epic Heroes
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