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 ~~ T I P S ~~ Governor's House Upgrade for?

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~~ T I P S ~~ Governor's House Upgrade for? Empty
PostSubject: ~~ T I P S ~~ Governor's House Upgrade for?   ~~ T I P S ~~ Governor's House Upgrade for? EmptyTue 9 Feb - 16:35:18

Upgrade to Governor's House

Why do we need upgrade this?
At early stage of the game, there is no need for upgrading this building because
it is costly and its bonus features wont be needed for a while.

Basically, you could upgrade this building to max lvl 5.
And only 2 bonus happens from upgrading this:
LVL 3 --> Curfew Order
LVL 5 --> War Mode Order


Curfew is to PREVENT enemy's lobbyist to lower your citizen loyalty. Curfew status
will last for 24 hours. When you click the Curfew, there is a down side to it: your
citizen's loyalty will become 20%. With 20% loyalty, you are still protected for 24hrs.
Then immediately put RELIEVING in to action to increase loyalty by 20% for the
duration of 6 hours, while Relieving is active, your output will drop.

Curfew option is not available when loyalty is below 20.


This War Mode order is very useful when you are being attacked and the defending
troops including allies' troops are creating a huge negative hourly food gain. When
food becomes 0, soldiers start to die, this includes allies defending troops. Intead of
losing the troops to hunger, this WAR MODE is used to double the food output of your
city. This will last for 5 hours only. The downside is after that 5 hours War Mode is
done, then your city will not produce any Food for 24 hours. And War Mode cannot
be activated again until that 24 hours 0 Food production is ended.

Cost of Governor's House

LVL Wood Stone Iron Food Time POP CV
1 1200 1480 870 1600 01:02:13 0 1
2 2160 2665 1565 2880 01:52:00 2 1
3 3890 4795 2820 5185 03:08:00 2 2
4 7000 8630 5075 9330 05:02:00 2 2
5 12595 15535 9135 16795 07:53:00 2 2

I am not saying that we supposed not to build the Gov House. Building this building
could start later when you have 2nd village or more because the upgrade costs are
not cheap and the use of both SPECIALTY will not be often. Cool

Please post if you find any mistake or additional tips.
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~~ T I P S ~~ Governor's House Upgrade for?
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