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 ~~ T I P S ~~ Collect your Training POINTs for emergency needs

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~~ T I P S ~~ Collect your Training POINTs for emergency needs Empty
PostSubject: ~~ T I P S ~~ Collect your Training POINTs for emergency needs   ~~ T I P S ~~ Collect your Training POINTs for emergency needs EmptyTue 16 Feb - 12:48:10

Training Points

Training Points (TP) are very useful when you are building up your troops as it will speed
up the rate of completion. Let say a regular 1 swordman with lvl 5 barracks will take
0:14:26 to complete. By applying the TP, the time of completion will be dropped to 50%.

Using TP is simple, as you enter the number of troop to be built, then hit the built button,
scroll down to the lower right of the barrack page, and you will see a queue of the troop
in building. If you want to speed up that progress, click 'Accelerate' button. Then it will
tell you how many TP are used to speed it up. And you will see also the remaining TP
when your mouse cursor is over the 'Accelerate' button.

How to Earn TP

It is very simple. You go to: Faction Map (on the left side of Resource or City page), then
click any of city to send your troops in for training. Do not worry, your troops will not
die. Only it will show you what kind of damage you might cause or receive. The training
is not real killing.

Let's click any city, e.g. Bei Hai, then you will see 5 sets of troops division with 1 General
and 5 officers ahead of those division. If you move your mouse pointer on top of each
division of the troops, it will tell you how many soldiers are in that division. The easiest
division is the top one, while the most difficult is at the bottom. And you have to have a
Hero to perform this training.

I always pick the most difficult one as it gives more TP. Click a division that you would like
to train with. And then it will show you a Deployment Page, where you put the number of
troops. Any other selection but DESTROY is not selectable. Enter in a number of troops you
would like to send, start with a small number. Then a pop-up windows will tell you whether
you are going to succeed or fail. Do not worry of losing even if your troop is outnumbered.
When the pop-up says so, it will be as it says (since this is a training only). As you deploy
your troops, it will take 5 minutes for the training to commence and another 5 minutes for
returning to your base.

You will see any TP earned from the battle report, scroll to the very bottom of the report.

I notice that as your Hero grows up in his/her level, the more TP would be earned. And
somehow the amount of TP equals to the LVL of your hero. eg. your Hero lvl 50 will get
50 TP, as I partake always the most difficult training.

Number of TP Used For Building

Number of TP used is equal to the amount of each type of soldier being built up. eg. one
Swordman needs 1 TP for speed-up; one Light Cavalry needs 3 TP for speed-up. If you
build 5 Swordmans together in a single queue, to speed it up, you need to spend 5 TP.

Do not use TP if the progress is already less than full unless it's emergency. Using the
TP will cut only 50% of the remaining progress. For example, building one swordman will
take 0:14:26, and you did not click Accelerate until it shows 0:05:24, as the Accelerate
kicks in, the time will change to 0:02:42. You save 2 minutes and 42 seconds, instead
of a maximum 7 mins 13 seconds.


* Only 1 acceleration is allowed per queue.

* Only 10 troops trainings produce TP per 24hr server day. You have to wait until the
server reset at 00:00:00 to start another 10.

* Hero will not lose stamina or need >20 stamina for troop training, but during that 10
minutes of training, Hero wont get any stamina up. His stamina is put into hold.

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~~ T I P S ~~ Collect your Training POINTs for emergency needs
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